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Start flying in Italian with Marco Mengoni

by Bernard O'Shea

In 2009 Marco Mengoni shot to fame in the Italian X factor series. His song, Dove si vola (Where you fly) went to number one on the Italian charts, as did his 2013 Eurovision entry, L’essenziale. Futhermore, his five studio albums and two live albums have all topped the charts in Italy. He’s a legend! So, put on your seat belts and let’s go flying in Italian with him.

Here are the lyrics to Dove si vola... I punched them into a language translator and have pasted the rather perfunctory English translation underneath because I figured you’d be too lazy to do this. I am right, yes?

Cosa mi aspetto da te
cosa ti aspetti da me
Cosa sarà ora di noi,
cosa faremo domani
Potremmo andarcene via, dimenticarci
oppure giocarci il cuore, rischiare…

What I expect from you
What do you expect from me
What will become of us now,
What will we do tomorrow
We could go on, forget
or play with your heart, risk …

Fammi respirare ancora
portami dove si vola
Dove non si cade mai
Lasciami lo spazio e il tempo
E cerca di capirmi dentro
dimmi ogni momento che ci sei Che ci sei che ci sei

Let me breathe again
take me where you fly
Where you ever falls
Let the space and time
And try to understand me inside
tell me any time you’re there
You’re there you’re there

Cosa ti aspetti da me
Cosa mi aspetto da te
Adesso che siamo qui
nudi sul tetto del mondo, del mondo
Potremmo dirci bugie tranquillamente
Oppure andare per mano per sempre

What do you expect from me
What I expect from you
Now that we are here
naked on the roof of the world, the world
We could tell us lies quietly
Or go to hand forever


E non fermarti a quest’attimo
Che non ritornerà
E dimmi che ogni momento per noi
sarà fantastico

And do not stop at this moment
Which will not return
And tell me that every moment for us
will be fantastic


Cosa mi aspetto da te
Cosa ti aspetti da me

What I expect from you
What do you expect from me

You can see Marco’s discography on Wikipedia here. I had a quick listen to his other hit singles and liked the title track to his latest album, Pronto a correre (Ready to run).

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learnitalianonskype 30/05/2013 - 3:47 am

Ciao, grazie mille per aver condiviso sul tuo splendido blog il mio articolo.
Keep in touch!
Valentina, italian teacher for Learn Italian On Skype

Bernard O'Shea 31/05/2013 - 1:11 pm

Ciao Valentina, tante grazie! I shall be following your blog with interest. All the best, saluti! Bernard

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