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Three must-see movies at the 2023 French Film Festival

by bernieoshea

1. Tenor

Sparks fly in this fab film when the sushi guy delivers a package in one of the rehearsal rooms of the hallowed Palais Garnier. Having handed over the meal working-class economics student Antoine (Mohamed Belkhir, aka rapper MB14) is dismissed with disdain by a snooty student tenor. He retorts in grand style – with a mocking impromptu rap song. (Antoine enters rap competitions by night.) Then, to rub salt into the snooty student’s wounds, he bursts in to song, an impressive tenor.

The singing teacher, Mrs. Loyseau (Michèle Laroque) is so impressed she invites him round for a singing lesson. Naturally, she wants to fondle his diaphragm. He fobs her off  but, enrapt with the world of opera (it sure beats accountancy and tax law!) he takes up the challenge of preparing for an audition under her tutelage. But in trying to navigate between two worlds, there’s the danger he will end up in neither one nor the other, losing his family, friends and roots in the process.

Tenor (in French it has an accent, Ténor) is an absorbing, poignant film, spiced with humour and pathos. The most astounding aspect is Belkhir’s singing. What a voice! And yes, he has appeared on the French version of the The Voice, in 2016 and in an ‘all stars’ contest in 2021, finishing second and third respectively.

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